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          Product Overview

          Oxygen Reservoir Mask

          The oxygen mask is designed reasonably and comfortable to wear. The mask is equipped with single valve on both sides to allow the exhalation of waste and have the waste discharged into the air. A one-way valve is arranged between the mask and the oxygen storage bag to prevent exhaled waste from entering the oxygen storage bag and effectively improve the oxygen concentration.


          Performance Structure

          1. The product is made of medical polymer materials.

          2. The product consists of an oxygen mask, an oxygen storage bag, a one-way valve, oxygen tubes and special connectors, and is packaged individually.

          3. Product Sterilization: Ethylene oxide sterilization, single use.


          Applicable Department

          General ward, operating room, ICU, emergency room.


          Scope of application

          1. The product is applicable to treatment of hypoxemia patients, temporary use for patients during transportation and other clinical treatments requiring high oxygen concentration.

          2. During use, the oxygen storage bag should be kept in a full state to prevent oxygen poisoning and respiratory mucosa dryness of patients.

          3. The oxygen storage bag cannot replace the ventilator.

          Dimension Drawing
          Technical Parameter
          Download Center
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