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          Product Overview

          Respiratory Function Training Instrument

          The air resistance is appropriately set to ensure efficient training to improve patients’ respiratory function. It is designed to be clearned easily. The same device can be used multiple times by the same patient.

          Performance Structure

          1. The product is made of medical polymer materials.

          2. The product is composed of a tube body, suction nozzle, corrugated tubes, and a pointer, and is packaged individually.

          3. Product Sterilization: Ethylene oxide sterilization.

          Intended Use

          The product is suitable for rehabilitating pulmonary function for patients in the perioperative period to prevent atelectasis after the operation.

          Applicable Department

          General department, respiratory department.

          Scope Of Application

          Suitable for patients with respiratory system diseases or needing postoperative pulmonary function rehabilitation.

          Dimension Drawing
          Technical Parameter
          Download Center
          Respiratory Function Training Instrument Download

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