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          Product Overview

          Performance Structure

          The product is made of polymer materials. It mainly consists of tubing, an airbag, a pressure gauge, a tee connector, an air valve, and a rubber ball.


          Scope Of Application

          The product is used for pressurization. It can be used during transfusion or during various invasive arterial pressure monitoring.



          1. Do not use when the package is damaged or the product is damaged.

          2. To ensure safety, a pressure inflation test should be conducted before use to avoid accidents. 

          3. The pressure should be maintained within the referenced range to achieve rapid pressurization and should not be too high. The maximum pressure shall not exceed 40Kpa (300mmHg). 


          Special Tips

          It is recommended that this product be used under the guidance of medical staff.

          Dimension Drawing
          Technical Parameter
          Download Center
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